The Traveling Sex Game Could Be The BEST STOCKING STUFFER of the YEAR!

The Traveling Sex Game is my first novel and it’s out in 6 days. This could be the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. The book started out as a novel but as I soon discovered this is about an ADULT GAME that has gone WILD. It took me two years to decide to write this story as a book because I was afraid that once people read about the GAME they would start playing it. Turns out people are playing it.

Amazon has a great price right now introducing the paperback version— here is the link.

I am the first to promote safe sex on all levels. The Traveling Sex Game is all about safe sex. And it is all about people having a fulfilled sex life. What I discovered through interviewing all the subjects in the book is that the people that communicate with their partner enjoy greater and better relationships. This should be no surprise.

Share with people who you know might need this. After all a happy and fulfilled sex life makes for a happier person.

Read some of the stories inside The Traveling Sex Game. (#Thetravelingsexgame)